Sponsorship support helps to keep my wheels turning. :-)

Each year the Cycling Guy aka ‘John Finney’ participates in numerous group rides, triathlons, and time trial events. Each group ride is conducted in the name of a charity. The charitible organization is determined by the promoters of the group ride event. Each participant pays an entry fee at these events ranging from $25 – $100. Special rides such as the Assault on Mt. Mitchell, Blood Sweat and Gears, or the M.S. 150 have higher entry fees and cost associated.

In effort to help offset the entry fees, travel and equipment I accept sponsorship donations. The amount of the donation is open to the individual sponsor. A few examples of sponsors include individuals who read my website and like my story as well as local businesses in the Charlotte, NC area that chose to sponsor me for the year. Individuals may sponsor me thru paypal and local businesses generally send a check or paypal donation. In return the sponsors get to have a banner displayed on the CyclingGuy.com site for the duration of the sponsorship.

I am also seeking equipment and accessory sponsors for the 2014 season. This can range in the form of health food, Wheelsets, bike accessories, Bikes, hotel accommodations etc. Should a company decide they would like to be a primary sponsor for the 2014 season, please contact me by email John @ CyclingGuy.com. Any equipment or accessory sponsor will receive full review write ups, banner spots on the Cycling Guy website and a full Sponsorship ‘Bio Spotlight’ page.

This is not an attempt to generate ‘profit’ dollars. The revenue received goes to event registrations and various good causes. At the end of the season I pick a favorite charity and write a personal check from left over sponsor donations. I try to find charities that involve children. For example: Shriners, Junior Shaggers Association, Toys for Tots, etc.

For individuals that want to use PayPal or Credit Card:

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You do not need to register with PayPal to make a payment using your credit card. The process is simple and secure. PayPal doesn’t charge you anything to make the payment. You will be able to enter the amount of which you wish to donate.