Services and Fees:

Introductory Session is always FREE. We will take the time to learn about each other, your cycling experience, desires, goals, etc.

All of the below services are 1:1 sessions. Group session can be arranged as well.

The Newb: Now that you have invested in your bike, we know you are eager to get out and ride. The more you know about your bike and how to properly use it, the more fun you will have. We will teach you riding basics, bike ettique, group riding safety, how to properly use your gears (when to shift), how to clip in & clip out, proper pacing, paceline riding, what to wear and when, and much more.

Charge: $25 per hour session

The Junior:
Charge: $25 per hour session

Group Ride Along: We will ride side by side with you on your first group or charity ride. Many cyclist are very nerved out about riding in groups. Our training will help you overcome these fears and teach you proper ride ettique, safety, efficiency, and pacing. We will coach you thru starting in a huge pack of cyclists, ride the entire ride with you, and help you finish the ride.

The New Triathlete:

Computrainer Drop in Ride: You ride your bike on our high tech trainers for 20 – 25 miles. Indoors, no cars, no traffic. This is a non coached session.

Charge: $15

Computrainer Training: We will design a indoor computrainer trainer plan for you. This includes a power test to determine your base wattage or cycling strenth. Also includes a 5 or 10 week training plan with high intensity cycling training courses. The class is designed to increase your endurance on the bike, increase your base wattage, and increase your overall stamina.

This is a coached session. Yes, we will be in your ear encouraging you while you ride each class.

$200 10 week plan
$125 5 week plan

Bike Fitting:
We will properly fit you to your bike. This is one of the biggest mistakes most people make when new to cycling. Fitting your bike is a must do if you plan to ride any distance at all. Most pain when riding a bike usualy comes from an improper fit.

Our fitting includes custom measurements, saddle adjustments, stem adjustments, body alignment, pedal shimming, proper body positioning. All fiting on done while your ride on an indoor trainer.

Charge: $100